Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Consolation prize

Lost in all the bitter disappointment over the Castillo trade was the joy in a pretty sweet win at the Dome last night. It was nice to see the Twins get off to a quick start--with Tyner getting on base in the first inning as the leadoff man. Bartlett followed with another nice single and Mauer brought both Bartlett and Tyner home. It seems like a long time since we've had something to cheer about in the first inning.

Tyner had a great night. 3 hits. One of those hit the baggie in center field and Tyner turned it into a triple. The throw to 3rd was off the mark and for a moment there I thought Tyner was going to make it home. I swear, if Tyner gets another homerun this year--one at the Dome, I'm celebrating by buying a Tyner shirt.

Baker pitched a gem. 8 innings. 7 strikeouts. No walks. 2 hits and only 1 earned run. He definitely deserved the win.

Mauer had 2 nice hits. We need Morneau, Hunter, & Kubel to produce more runs, but if we string together more games like last night we have a shot. My hope is that TR actually acquires a bat for us today and the players feel a bit better about Castillo's trade.

A series of wins would sure help console fans and players alike.

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