Monday, July 23, 2007

Shake some ass!

I can just hear it now...the media is going to have a field day with Santana giving up 4 homeruns. The bloggers probably will go to town as well. Man, all I know is that it is so discouraging to see Santana struggle on the mound. Word has it that Santana wasn't feeling 100%...which isn't hard to believe given how he pitched. Has Santana ever given up 4 homeruns in a game? He just didn't seem to be his usual self. He was pitching hard, but didn't have his usual finesse. He didn't seem to be in "the zone"...that place he goes to when he's throwing like blazes, mixing up his pitches and fooling the batter to swing wildly at a pitch. You can tell he's in the zone when you see that little butt wiggle before he throws the pitch. I'm not the first one to notice that butt wiggle...a co-worker mentioned it today.

I love seeing that little butt means we have a good chance of winning the game.

On the positive side of things, our favorite Canadian had a good night--2 homeruns for Justin Morneau. I believe these were the first homeruns Morneau has hit in Canada. Hunter also got a homerun. That makes 28 for Morneau and 21 for Hunter. It would be nice to see them both break 30 again this year. I think Morneau has a good chance to reach 40 homeruns.

But what was that ugly play with Tyner and Punto in the 5th? If you ask me, that was the deal breaker. If we had been able to bring them home, I think we could have pulled out a win.

I do not feel witty following a Santana loss. Morose would sum up my mood. I want to sit aound and pout about the loss. I think I might. I'm going to sulk until the Twins can pull out a win. Hmmm...there better be some butt wiggling going on out there tomorrow night. That's right, shake some ass, get in the zone, and make some magic.

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

As I was walking to my desk this morning a co-worker asked me how it felt to be a baseball fan now that the Twins are out of the running. I really, really (really) wanted to smack him. There is still a lot of baseball to be played. Even if we don't make it to the playoffs I am excited to watch the remaining games and continuing to be a fan.
Whew, end of rant.