Monday, January 28, 2008

Sunday at Twins Fest

Banners were hung around the dome welcoming Twins fans, while the jumbotron played 2007 season highlights as well as player profiles.

We chatted with Al Newman at his booth. He was so willing to talk and enjoyed looking at Curveball's cards from the good ol' days. I had the feeling that he would sit down with you for the whole afternoon and tell fun would that be!

Boof signing autographs--although this photo doesn't really show it, Boof obviously has dropped a few pounds (about 20). It sounds like he took the concerns of the coaches seriously and didn't want to be sitting in the bullpen any longer. Let's hope the weight loss improves his consistency and durability. (Boof was another player who proposed to his sweetie during the off-season).

Former Twin Dave Goltz signing a card for Curveball.

Delmon Young and Baker signing graphs.

Twins Fest is a great place to bring the kids. There's plenty to do--including the inflated T.C. Bear jumping "mini-dome" (geez, I forget, what do you call these things?)

These two might not be Twins today, but maybe someday?

One of the many young fans enjoying the day!


linda said...

Fun pictures!

Becca said...

I loved your pictures. Thanks for sharing them with us!