Monday, July 30, 2007

In Uniform

Tonight we're headed to the game to see the Twins take on the Royals. I wouldn't take the Royals lightly these days--they have the best record in the division since the All-star break. They took series in Boston and Detroit this month. I think it's quite possible that they WON'T end up in last place this year. (I would enjoy seeing Chicago take that honor.) They are hitting well, more consistenly than the Twins it seems. Still, I think the Twins know they need to keep it will hopefully be a good series going in our favor. (It's a 4 game series and a split ain't good has to be 3 out of 4 at least).

It occurs to me that tonight could be the last time I see some players in a Twins' uniform. Hopefully, the wins in Cleveland have put off any fire sale. We don't need to get rid of anyone. We could use a quality bat and even a relief pitcher (Rincon of yesteryear seems to be gone).

It's obviously on the minds of the players. Hunter was quoted as saying: "I look around and see Johan [Santana] walk in and think, 'Maybe that's the last time I joke around with him like that. I look around and see Joe Nathan, Justin Morneau and Joe Mauer -- both who I've watched grow as hitters. I mean, it's tough. This might be the last time I play with these guys."

In the past two days, rumors have perhaps been the strongest about trading Castillo. Castillo has commented, "It hurts a little bit, the trade rumors. I want to stay with the team and try to finish my year here. I don't have any control over that. I just try to still be focused on winning the game, but I have to be ready if something does happen."

Why, in god's name, would we want to trade one of the few players who has been consistently hitting .300 or better all season? This man plays with such heart, such intensity...I know, it's about looking forward...we're not going to keep him next year...Blob, blob, blob. Are we making a trade for someone who can help us today? I don't think so. That, my friends, is stupid.

Hopefully I'll see these guys (and the rest of the roster) in Twins' uniforms tonight. And many more nights to come. I'll be standing up and screaming my lungs out when they take to the field tonight!

On a side note: Has anyone noticed of late that the St. Paul Pioneer Press seems to have a better sports section, at least baseball coverage (compared to the Mpls paper)? The Sunday edition definitely gives a better overview of player/team stats, not just of the Twins, but the entire American & National leagues. Today inside the front page of the sports section they featured a fun interview with Neshek. It's better in print, but otherwise, check it out here.

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