Thursday, January 31, 2008

A letter to Mr. Santana

Dear Mr. Santana (Johan if I may),

The news from New York is that negotiations are not going smoothly. Those bastards--don't they realize what you are worth? They obviously don't deserve your greatness.

If that 6th year is a sticking point, maybe you would like to consider staying with the Twins for 5 years? Or, even stay one more year and see how another Cy Young kind of year will increase your worth.

I know that the Twins organization has a few bastards of their own, but they did sign Morneau, Mauer and Cuddy for the next several years. With you as our #1 pitcher (not to mention Liriano following you), we are still contenders. We can make this happen. You have the unwavering support of Twins fans everywhere. I personally pledge to attend every home game that you pitch! I'll be one of the standing, screaming fans every time you take the field. (Remember, New York fans have a tendency to be fickle and the Mets sort of choked last year).

Anxiously waiting for your reply (and hoping to see you throw the opening pitch for the Twins 2 months from today!),


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