Thursday, July 26, 2007

Season Countdown

2007 Baseball Calendar
(remainder of the season)

07-27-2007 - Hall of Fame Induction Weekend Begins 1 Days

07-31-2007 - Non-Waiver Trade Deadline: 5 Days

08-31-2007 - Postseason Eligibility Lists by Midnight: 36 Days

09-01-2007 - Active Roster Expands from 25 to 40: 37 Days

09-30-2007 - Final Games of the 2007 Regular Season: 66 Days

10-23-2007 - 2007
World Series Begins: 89 Days

Wow...this baseball season is winding down faster than I would like. And even if the Twins don't make it to the playoffs, I want to enjoy what baseball is left. I'm actually anxious to get past the trade deadline and not have to wonder any longer who's staying and who's leaving.

On Sunday I bought tickets for 3 future Twins games. The first game is next Monday when they come home from Cleveland (where they have hopefully been shaking some ass). And then I bought tickets for 2 games in mid-August against the Texas Rangers. I picked those games not because we're playing the Rangers, but because that weekend we're celebrating the '87 World Series title. A reunion of the '87 players is planned--and I can't wait to see who's all there. Too bad Puckett isn't around to be part of the festivities.

Like I've said, win or lose, I plan to enjoy all the baseball I can before the end of the season. The losses since the All-star break have been painful--in part, because they make it more improbable we will make the playoffs. They were also painful because they were just such awful games for the Twins. 13-1 vs Toronto? Ouch.

As a baseball fan, I am an optimist; but at a certain point, also a realist. If we are eliminated from the playoff picture (and I'm not ready to throw in the towel yet), then I can move on and still enjoy baseball. Playoff-bound or not, I hope the guys can still play quality baseball.

Many times the integrity of a team is revealed more in how they deal with defeat, than in how they deal with victory. Look at Kansas City--even though this season finds them in the bottom of the pack (again), they are still going out there and shaking some ass. They played well against Detroit and Boston--teams that are considered much better than them.

I just want the Twins to play with the same integrity they've played all season. I take pride in the fact that they are a team that never says "die". I take pride in the fact that they still play with heart, even when they're losing. Yes, being swept by Detroit and Toronto was ugly. But there is no time to lick our wounds. Tomorrow we open a series in Cleveland, a team we have lost 5 games to this season (the only 5 times we've faced them).

We need to go out there and Shake some ass!

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