Sunday, July 1, 2007

All-Star team selection

I thought the Twins may have pulled off another sweep. I found it a disappointing loss. Baker pitched great and deserved a win. But alas, it's hard to win ballgames when you can't get anyone across the plate. I hate those kind of losses. I mean if we play like shit, we deserve to lose. I can get fired up about that and feel sort of pissy about the lousy effort or mistakes even. But when we play well and a win is within our grasp--well, that kind of loss just doesn't set well. I can pout about that all night.

Hitting throughout the series was good overall. Mauer even hit his first career grandslam on Friday night (another pitching delight by Santana). The bats need to stay alive going into New York. I can't stand it when we lose to the Yankees. Even when they're playing bad, we seem to let them get to us. Enough! I want to go into New York and kick some butt. Maybe then we won't have to listen to the ESPN announcers drooling over Jeters and all the other Yankees. Oh ya, right, they're the blessed Yankees, baseball immortals. We are just the lowly Twins, with the reigning MVP, batting champ, and Cy Young winner on the roster. C'mon Twins--we have more baseball royalty on our team. Play like you own the Yanks! Let's kick some ass!

On a different note--The All-star team was named today. Something just isn't right about how this team is selected. The Twins have 3 players going--Morneau, Hunter, and Santana--but none of them were selected by fan votes. Big market players definitely have the edge. I could gag over the fact that the Yankees have 3 players on the team when they are definitely playing only mediocre ball. I love David Ortiz, but he's selected as the first baseman when he's only started seven games at first base all season. Um, anyone hear of Morneau--2006 MVP and first baseman extradinaire. It's nice to know that the players themselves selected Hunter & Morneau. Leyland selected Santana. Mauer is not on the team, which I can almost understand with his lengthy stint on the DL.

I'm not even sure the timing of the All-star game makes sense. Ya, it's nice to have a "break" mid-season, but there are two big disadvantages to this as well. First, any player on the All-star team takes a risk of suffering an injury that could hurt their team for the remainder of the season. That's part of my relief that Mauer isn't on the team--let him rest. Second, since the game is mid-season, the accomplishments of the prior year seem to have already been forgotten. And yet, we don't really know who will have that MVP season or who will be the batting champ or who will pitch like a Cy Young winner.

Hey, we still have the chance to name one more Twin to the All-star--Neshek is in the Final Vote consideration. I think Nathan deserved a shot as well, but it would be mighty fine to see Neshek enjoy his chance to be an All-star. Here's the link to the voting--


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I just included your blog in reference to my All-Star Rant. You basically covered all my thoughts with a little less swearing.

Stacy said...

Risa ... ya think you should write some editorials to publish somewhere??? Come on ... you got some talent, you obviously need a 2nd job (i know how much you earn at your current one) and since I gave you the push, I need some kickbacks.

John Thom said...

After about a thousand years of following baseball and laughing at the All-Star rosters silliness, I've concluded (again) that, World Series home field advantage notwithstanding, who is selected and who isn't really doesn't rank too high on the list of important things. That said, "Go A.L."

Curlz said...

Totally agree John Thom. If it weren't for the pride thing and home field advantage for the World Series, the All-Star game would mean next to nothing. With that said, I still like to see the A.L. kick some N.L. ass.