Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweep! Sweep!

I have been laying in bed much of the past several days, fighting off whatever nasty bug I picked up. Since I was feeling so lousy, we didn't make any games this weekend (although Curveball did make it to the autograph party). I have been watching the games on tv though (with occasional naps) and was thrilled that the Twins pulled off another sweep today! Way to go guys!

Doing their part to help us out, the Chicago Cubs just pulled off a sweep of the Chicago White Sox. Very sweet indeed. I really hope the Cubs can continue to play so well--their home record is now 32-8. Incredible.

And the best part is the Cubs and White Sox play again next weekend (this time on the Sox home field).

Go Cubs!

Go Twins! Only 1 1/2 games back!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Back to the blogging world

Here we are celebrating our 1-year anniversary at a Twins game earlier in June.

I am not going to offer any explanations or excuses for my lack of blogging: it's just life getting in the way, as well as a bit of the writing doldrums. (Some days I just don't feel witty. In my defense, I do write two other blogs)

I have been watching baseball, even going to a few Twins games (last night, for example), but my lack-of-blogging guilt has kept me from reading my fellow bloggers' posts.

Sorry. I'll try to do better.

That out of the way, let me say:

Except for that nasty road trip, I am generally happy with how the Twins are playing. I am still nervous though and frustrated that we can't seem to make up any ground on the dreaded White Sox. And now the Tigers are gaining steam.

Pitching has been hard to watch at times. It seems so different from the last few seasons. Yes, I miss watching Santana pitch, but the bullpen makes me hold my breath every time they take the ball (and some of that is on the starters who have struggled of late making it through even 6 innings). I miss Neshek. While I feel bad for Rincon, I was ready to see him go. I'm also worried that Boof will not be able to find his best stuff any time soon. Is it time to cut our losses there as well?

Hitting seems to be improving...although I'm anxious for Morneau to hit a hot streak. I would LOVE to see Delmon relax a bit and hit a few homers. Hit anything really.

Random Notes:

  • I like how when Slowey comes on the field to pitch, they play Slow Ride (I'm not sure that's the actual title).

  • While we were standing at the radio station's prize-spinning wheel last night (outside the dome) we saw Harmon Killebrew walk right in front of us to get to the radio's station trailer (to do an interview). I should say I saw Killebrew. I had to nudge Curveball. He was floating on Cloud 9 the rest of the evening because he hung around and got his autograph. He will also be going to the Autograph Party this coming Saturday.

  • Punto became a new daddy and Cuddy is waiting for his little one to arrive as well. I have never figured out: how come these guys don't figure out how to have babies that arrive in the off-season?

  • I find it humorous that crabby-faced, cantankerous Ponson has been picked up by the Yankees. He'll fit right in there.

  • I encourage everyone to vote for Mauer and Morneau for the all-star team. It's really easy to do (repeatedly) online.

  • And finally, hats off to the Twins for sweeping the Nationals! Way to go team!