Sunday, August 19, 2007

Santana is my man-ah!!!

"You don't have that many chances to do
something very special like that. I was living by the moment
but at the same time, I was enjoying everything I was doing out there."

Pitching Ace Santana on his record setting day

Santana was brilliant today. It's just incredible to watch him pitch on a day like today and I was thrilled to be there. In the 7th inning, my friend visiting from California asked what his record was and I said I thought it was 15 (turns out it was 14 set last season).

New record. Santana came out in the 8th with 99 pitches and first tied the club record of 15 and then went on to establish a new record of 17. It was crazy being there...the fans went wild. Santana tipped his hat to the crowd on his way into the dugout. We would have screamed till he came back out.

We wanted him back in the 9th, but since the score was 1-0 cooler heads prevailed. Santana I think was fine with that. We needed the win. There will be another day to set new records.

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