Monday, July 30, 2007

So long, Castillo. We'll miss you.

The opportunity to see Castillo in a Twins uniform again is gone. Castillo was pulled out of batting practice this afternoon and given the news of his trade to the Mets. I was at the game and no such announcement was made to the fans in attendance. The trade was widely known by game time however. I understand that we were not likely to keep Castillo next year, but if we are expecting to make a serious run for the playoffs, Castillo will be sorely missed.

I hate this part of baseball. Baseball players gone without a goodbye.

Who will be next? One can't help but wonder.

Obviously, the players are not happy to lose a veteran .300 hitter for players that won't help this year. Just hours before a game they had to say goodbye to a friend who they knew always played hard. Yes, it's a business. But sometimes these decisions suck.

As a fan, I will miss watching Castillo's incredible acrobatic catches in the field and his ability to find a way to get on base.

So long, Castillo. We'll miss you.

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I just found out this morning about Castillo. What the H were they thinking? We couldn't ask for a better lead-off hitter. Sometimes I want to throw my hands up in frustration (occasionally brandishing a certain finger, but I digress.)