Monday, July 14, 2008

Our very own Homerun Derby Winner!

Justin Morneau! Justin, last player to be invited to the Homerun Derby, claimed the Homerun Derby title tonight! Yes! Yes! Yes! I watched the derby and I know that Josh Hamilton put on a hell of a show. Hamilton hit 28 homeruns in the first round and 5 more in a shortened 2nd round (he elected not to hit the full 2nd round). Maybe Hamilton even deserved to win the title, but the rules are what they are--and the rules are that the 2 finalists start with a clean slate for the final round. Justin hit first in the final round and came up with just 5 homeruns (which is fairly typical for the final round). No one thought he would walk away the winner. But Josh Hamilton had obviously worn himself out and failed to show his earlier power--he only hit 3 homeruns in the final round.

I love it! I love that Justin won! I love that the Twins have 3 players at the All-star game (and I also love that Hunter and Santana aren't there...just for 1 year I want them to sit it out and think about the good thing they had going here in Minnesota).

So tomorrow night we can enjoy the All-star game. The Twins enter the second half of the season just 1 1/2 games out of first place. Not bad. Certainly better than what was expected of them this season.

I like this team. One striking difference between this team and last year's team--they don't give up. Whether they are down a run or a half dozen runs, they still play to win. And that attitude has won them more than a few ballgames.

I hope to be writing more the second half of the season--all the way through the Twins winning the World Series. That nasty little bug I was fighting the last time I wrote turned out to be Salmonella--yup, the same salmonella that is part of the nationwide outbreak (which happens to be called "salmonella saintpaul"). It knocked me flat for quite some time. Finally, I'm ready for dome dogs again!


linda said...

Yay Justin!! I never really understood the derby rules until tonight. Everyone thought it was said and done. Josh Hamilton was amazing in that round, but Justin won fair and square.

Tricia said...

Salmonella! Yuck. I'm glad you're feeling better.