Sunday, June 22, 2008

Sweep! Sweep!

I have been laying in bed much of the past several days, fighting off whatever nasty bug I picked up. Since I was feeling so lousy, we didn't make any games this weekend (although Curveball did make it to the autograph party). I have been watching the games on tv though (with occasional naps) and was thrilled that the Twins pulled off another sweep today! Way to go guys!

Doing their part to help us out, the Chicago Cubs just pulled off a sweep of the Chicago White Sox. Very sweet indeed. I really hope the Cubs can continue to play so well--their home record is now 32-8. Incredible.

And the best part is the Cubs and White Sox play again next weekend (this time on the Sox home field).

Go Cubs!

Go Twins! Only 1 1/2 games back!

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