Tuesday, July 29, 2008

1/2 game back and 26 home games to play

Yup, only 26 home games still to play. I got me some baseball games to get to.

And I got to the one tonight. Yup, Perkins was pitching. He seemed a little shaky the first few innings. It was a rough start--with a balk called that eventually led to a run. And the Sox pitcher looked better than expected--for a while. But then Twins magic took over and we took the lead. The crowd of 36,999 stood on their feet throughout the 9th as we won to pull within a 1/2 game of first place.

The bad news is that Casilla has been placed on the DL with a torn tendon in the finger he injured on Monday night. Another f*#*ing finger injury!?! Damn it. I was worried about this. First, we do seem prone to these type of injuries this year...so when they came out to check Casilla last night, I thought--"this won't be good". And then this afternoon Curveball went to the Dome to catch players before the game (for autographs)...Casilla walked in with a soft cast on his hand.

Casilla has been hot and I would hate to see the kid miss the rest of the season. And sorry, I don't think Everett will be that sort of dynamic player.

So the division lead is on the line tomorrow. It's going to be hard to stay away for that.

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