Monday, July 28, 2008

Where's Perkins?

I was visiting the Twins website last night and went to check the pitchers listed for the Twins/White Sox series. I found something or rather, someone missing. The Twins' Tuesday night pitcher is listed as "To be announced". Monday's pitcher is listed and even Wednesday, Thursday and Friday's pitchers are it's pretty obvious who should be pitching Tuesday...Perkins.

What's up with Perkins missing in the listing of probable pitchers? His name was there on Saturday. Is there an injury the Twins aren't talking about? Is Perkins being thrown into some trade deal in the works?

Trading Perkins would open up a spot for Liriano, and he's certainly worth more in a trade than say someone like Boof. Still I would hate to see this Minnesota kid go anywhere. I think he fits well in the organization and he certainly has talent.

While I'm speculating, let me just throw out there that I think Liriano will be brought up soon--but not before Friday. It's time.

The whole thing with Perkins--let's just hope it's an issue of someone dropping the ball and not getting the right info out there...but it certainly caught me eye.

Anyone out there care to speculate?

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k-bro said...

Hmmm. Intriguing indeed.