Tuesday, July 15, 2008

It's Justin, not Jason, thank you very much!

I've been reading the blogs and listening to the commentary on t.v. go on and on about how Josh Hamilton should have won the Homerun Derby last night. No doubt we will be hearing about it all night during the All-star game. But enough already.

I know...I was mezmorized by Hamilton’s show as well...and his story is inspiring. A part of me would have been happy had he won.

But being a Twins fan, I was thrilled to see Morneau--the last man invited to the derby--win. Did we hear anything of Morneau's story? Nope. Hell, the State Farm corporate drone couldn’t even come up with the right first name (It’s Justin, not Jason, thank you very much). Um, Justin was the 2006 AL MVP...did anyone on ESPN even mention that? Probably not, cause those Yankees fans thought he stole the MVP from Jeters (another time Morneau didn’t get his due). How in the world could a honest, hard-working player from a nothing team like the Twins be MVP? Or for that matter, win the Home run Derby?

I know I may be singing to the choir here, but Morneau is a good guy, who always plays hard, gives back to the community...He does represent what is good about baseball--and that story should be celebrated as well. He is loyal to his team and his fans--he chose to stay here in Minnesota, rather than seek his fame and fortune in those bigger markets that we despise here in the quiet Midwest.

I’m not saying that Hamilton isn’t the same, but Morneau, without the dramatic backdrop, was not the network’s story last night. Certainly, Hamilton's performance and life story provided greater dramatic flair for the media.

Don't get me wrong--I hope Hamilton continues to have an incredible season. It certainly looks like he's headed that way. Maybe he will be the MVP this season.

But Morneau didn’t write the rules. He just played the game and came out the winner.

Who can fault him for that?


Tricia said...

Corporate drone! Sweet. I love that phrase. I used it in my blog entry too. Hooray for Justin!

linda said...

What did they expect him to do? Swing and foul every time so that annoying ESPS commentators would be right?

S.Rail said...

"But Morneau didn’t write the rules. He just played the game and came out the winner.
Who can fault him for that?"
~Answer: Nobody

He won that Derby fair-and-square. So why do people think he shouldn't have won? ugh...