Thursday, July 31, 2008

Drama on the field

Man oh man, I wish I was at tonight's game. We thought about it, but it was a busy day at work and I needed to get some things done at home. We decided that it would probably be better to go Friday night or during the weekend.

Probably. Probably not. Tonight's game has had (thus far) all the drama I love. If I were there, I'd surely come home with a sore throat and no voice. The first 5 innings didn't go all that well, but then things shifted. Morneau got a 3-run homerun in the bottom of the 5th to bring the Twins to within 1 (4-3).

And then things got really hot in the 7th. Span got hit by a pitch, but instead of being given the base the 1st base ref decided Span had attempted to punt the ball and "put himself" in the ball's way. WRONG. Gardy came out to argue the point and was ejected almost immediately. But Gardy stayed to argue his point and in my opinion, rightfully so. Gardy was fired up and the crowd got fired up too. When Gardy finally left the field, he kicked or threw his cap up in the air. A few fans responded by throwing their caps onto the field. Pretty soon, Ozzie was pulling his guys off the field. Hey, don't these guys play in Chicago? I think the White Sox face tougher crowds just taking the field at home.

Eventually order was returned and the teams took to the field once again. With just a few more throws, Span actually was walked. Sweet. Karma. All this was followed by some nice base hitting and then Kubel, with 2 runners on, hit the ball out--giving the Twins their first lead.
Of course, the Sox answered with a 2-run homerun. It just can't be easy. But like I said, it's been a night for drama. And that makes for good baseball.

Right now it's the bottom of the 8th and the Twins have added on more runs, increasing their lead again. With 2 outs, the Twins lead 10-6.

I may have things that "need to be done", but until this game is over I'm glued to my television and whoopin' and hollerin' through every run and every out.