Friday, August 24, 2007

State Fair vs Twins

It's that time of year when the State Fair challenges the Twins for top billing. I'm almost glad the Twins are out of town so it's not such a dilemna picking which activity to enjoy.

We did "enjoy" Tuesday's home game. I use the term "enjoy" loosely, because it was not a very entertaining game. Entertaining in the stands perhaps, but not on the field. It was Lutheran night at the dome, which brought the attendance up to 42,000 for a Tuesday night (there were also half-price homerun porch seats). Bethel College football team was seated below us. They don't drink and lead organized cheering fests. And for you single ladies out there, they are also pretty buff. Book tickets for Lutheran Night 2008.

It also seemed to be "Beachball Night". The Santa usher in my section had a hard time with this. He was not satisfied until he was able to snag a beachball and deflate it.

And then it was also the night Dick and Bert were broadcasting from Section 140 (we were two sections over). We couldn't really see much of what was going on there during the game. I wonder how it sounded on t.v., since it was pretty loud at the Dome. We did see Dick on his way in. More like "heard". I heard his voice behind me and instantly recognized that voice. We did manage to get a few pics of Bert before the game. Curveball lost an opportunity to snag a few autographs.

We did manage to combine our love for the Fair with a little Twins baseball. We were at the Fair on Day 1. We saw T.C. in the parade. Curveball got T.C. to do his little wiggle. Later we went by the FSN booth...Anthony LaPlanta and Roy Smalley were there, since the Twins were playing. I was bashful, but Curveball got his pic taken with Roy (I was the photographer).

I did manage to watch most of last night's game while hanging out with friends. It was great to see the Twins pull off a late-game rally--for the second night in a row. AND, Morneau hit a homerun!

Hope springs eternal!


Baseball_Lipgloss said...

First of all, buff Lutherans don't win over beer.
Second, you? Bashful? Is Roy Smalley as orange in person as he looks on tv?

Curlz said...

Both Smalley and LaPlanta looked better in person than they do on tv...especially when they are dressed in polo shirts rather than suits.