Friday, August 31, 2007

Baker pitches a gem!

I'm siting at home this Friday night watching the Twins game as I recover from having a tooth extracted earlier today. At the start of the game I wasn't feeling too hot still and my thinking really was that if the Twins play like they did earlier today, I'm not sure I could stomach watching the whole thing. My attention to the game was half-assed at best (o.k. I'll admit I was flipping to What Not to Wear on TLC during the first several innings).

But as the game wore on, the Twins actually scoring some runs grabbed my attention and then...

one of our pitchers was doing something brilliant again...and it wasn't Santana, it was Baker. Going into the 9th, Baker had a perfect game going. Unfortunately, he walked a man at the top of the 9th and gave up a hit...but in the end, pitched a complete, shutout game.

Awesome. Incredible. I love watching pitching gems like that.

Pitchers are interesting creatures. Coming off the field in the 5th and 6th inning, Baker looked like the most miserable man on the field. No one dared to sit next to him dare they mess with his mojo (it's common practice to leave the pitcher alone in the dugout, especially when they have a perfect game going on).

Has anyone noticed that our pitchers come back to pitch incredible games after they have experienced the birth of their child? Remember Silva's gem earlier this season? Maybe our pitchers should become fathers more often!

Win or lose, games like these make baseball a great game.

Way to go, Baker! (And hey, congrats on becoming a Daddy again!)

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