Friday, August 17, 2007

87 World Series Reunion

I've been waiting for this series since I first heard about it during Twinsfest. I know some may argue that the '91 World Series was better, but for me, nothing can compare to the '87 World Series.

I'll admit it, I was not much of a baseball fan before the '87 playoffs. But as the '87 season progressed, I started watching more and more games. When they started winning in the postseason, I was hooked.

To borrow a famous line from literature, "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times"... as the Twins were entering the playoffs, my first marriage was ending. It was watching the Twins win that year--on a small black & white t.v. with my two young children (ages 3 & 1) beside me, that helped me escape for a few short hours the misery that was pervading my life at that time. It worked. The Twins' underdog championship season gave me the inspiration I needed to rise above the mud and muck that life was slinging my way.

O.k. maybe I'm being a little dramatic...but truly, baseball carried me through a hard time...and when they won the World Series, I vowed I would be a fan for life, whether the Twins were winning or losing.

My appreciation for the game has grown over the years. I am not some fair-weather fan. I am not a casual spectator. I have been accused of being a baseball geek and I can handle that.

Baseball is pure bliss for me. There's nothing like walking into the stadium (even the Metrodome) for the first game of the season. On even the worst day, baseball makes life a little better. I swear it lowers my blood pressure (and when a game is going badly, sometimes raises it a few degrees).

So with joy in my heart, I'm making my way to two of the games this weekend. I am sure to have goosebumps when '87 highlights are played and the '87 team is introduced.

I'm still a fan. And I will be for life.

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