Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Damn it. Crap. I'm sorry, the bullpen didn't do their job tonight. It's not entirely their fault. Would it have helped to keep Gardy in the dugout? Couldn't hurt. And the starting pitchers could have put less stress on the bullpen. I mean with Crain (remember Crain?) and Reyes on DL, Rincon totally sucking...We're extremely lean in the bullpen. You can only go to Neshek so many times. And I'm sorry, but Boof, lose some weight!!! Get in shape! You're a professional athlete...maybe it's time you look the part. I know it's not about "a look"...but obviously the endurance & stamina isn't there as the game and season wears on...and better conditioning certainly couldn't hurt.

I like that the guys didn't say die in the 9th (even when the bullpen allowed 2 more runs). Buscher got his first major league home run, Tyner got his 4th run of the night and we made it a 1-run ballgame again (of course, if Cali hadn't put on those 2 runs...those would have been winning runs).

Oh, and FSN...quit sending Marnie out to interview the Indians (or other opposing players) after the game! Geez, I don't want to hear from the other team. It's like rubbing salt in an open wound (make that a gaping wound)!

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Tricia said...

Crap is right. Man...these one run losses are so frustrating. Perhaps I should preserve my mental health and not watch the game tonight. (Thus ensuring that it'll be a good one!)