Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Web gems among the slop

I am watching tonight's game from the comfort of my living room. My hips simply cannot take 3 nights in a row of sitting in those seats (even though me and Curveball got new nifty Twins seat cushions at Target for $15...but I digress). Before I review tonight's game, a few brief notes about last night's debacle.

  • Boof had a rough start, but did improve. But that didn't really matter, when the hitting and fielding sucked. Oh and the bullpen was pathetic.
  • Hunter remained hit less, but got beaned in the 9th by Rincon. He did receive his Gold Glove though.
  • I do believe that sitting in the cheap general admission seats is better than sitting in the HomeRun Porch seats when they run a ticket special. It seems more people come to party than watch the game. Sorry, that annoys me. No, I don't want to do the wave or toss a beach ball when they're on 2 on with 2 outs--regardless who is hitting.
  • It was an ugly loss. Every positive from Game 1 was erased in Game 2. But it's a long season.

Tonight's game was a far better game, but with no better result. Blackburn had his stuff and deserved a win for his efforts. Different lineup and far better defensive play.

I have to give a shout out: GO PUNTO!!! I was happy to see him play. Oh you naysayers--He did get a hit and displayed classic-Punto defensive plays, including that WEB GEM throw from 3rd to 1st late in the game. Man, he can throw with speed and accuracy.

Not to be ignored was Morneau's amazing play at first with his throw back to Blackburn earlier in the game. Awesome stuff (and another potential web gem)!

I'll be heading to tomorrow's afternoon game...which isn't televised! I'm looking forward to an afternoon of baseball.

And BIG news: Me and Curveball are attending the Twins Welcome Home luncheon on Friday! It is being held in St. Paul this year near our home. We have no idea what member of the Twins organization will be sitting at our table, but I am PSYCHED! And of course, I'll share all the little details here.

But first, I'll be rooting for a Twins win tomorrow to even the series.



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