Thursday, April 3, 2008

Web Gem update

Just a quick web gem update...

Last night I was sleepily watching the 11 pm broadcast of Baseball tonight...forcing myself to stay awake for the Web Gems feature at the end of the show.

The Twins were featured in 2 out of 5 web gems!

#3: Morneau's play at 1st to stop the ball and then toss it backhanded to Blackburn for the out. Great play!

And the #1 Web Gem: Yup! Punto's outstanding catch and throw to Morneau at 1st (and Morneau made a terrific catch)!
Say all you want about Punto's lack of hitting ability; he can't be beat defensively. Out on the field he gives 150%. He may not get on base as often as you would like, but he makes outs that others miss. Plays like the one he made last night makes baseball an exciting game.


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