Monday, March 31, 2008

Player of the Game

Gomez was definitely Player of the Game. One can only hope he will continue to hit and steal as he did tonight. If such is the case, fans will soon be saying "Torii who?"

It was a strange start to the opener...the snow and cold put quite a damper on the festivities. Me and Curveball arrived early (3:30pm) to pick up our tickets and get underground parking. All thoughts of wandering around the plaza quickly disappeared with the cold. It was nasty. We ended up walking the long way around to enter the dome. I daresay if it hadn't been the home opener the crowd would have been quite smaller. Actually, if this had been 2010 the game would have been postponed. Tonight it was wonderful sitting under the dome roof.

And because we were sitting under a dome roof the fans came out in full force...some 49,000 plus. It was full even in the upper deck general admission seats where we sat. Folks were eager to cheer on our new team members, as well as welcome back former favorites--even those who played for the. Torii was well-received by the fans, receiving more than one standing ovation. It was nice to see him play, but I was just as thrilled that he didn't score a run. He is an Angel after all.

I think our guys played with enthusiasm. Gomez was certainly exciting to watch. He will certainly give pitchers reason to look over their shoulder. The bottom of our lineup produced some hits as well. That was a welcome sight. And Hernandez did well overall. He struggled some in the 5th, but came back in the 6th and pitched well.

So there you have it, our first win.

161 games to go. No excuses.

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