Tuesday, May 6, 2008

It's way too early, but...

It's way too early, but...it's hard NOT to imagine what if's...what if the Twins keep this scrappy, pulled-together ballteam together and on top of the Central Division...what if Chicago, Detroit and the other Central division teams can't quite pull it together...yes, I know it's way too early to dream so big, but since I'm a baseball fool that's exactly what I do.

So here's a end-of-season scenario that I enjoy...The Twins win the division and beat the Angels (and Hunter) in the playoffs to make it to the World Series...where they defeat the Mets (and Santana) to win the ultimate prize. (I love Hunter and Santana, but I wouldn't mind proving to them that the Twins are a team that can win it all...and I don't think their former teammates would mind proving that to them either)

Yup, I know it's a long shot, but I think it's visions like that that can keep this scrappy little team eyeing the prize. Who says they're not good enough? Remember 2002? 1987?

Yes, I know it's way too early, but already this team has been winning 1-point games and even on Sunday, coming back from a 6-0 deficit. I don't recall them doing that last year.

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Tricia said...

It is way too early, but isn't it fun to imagine that the rest of the season will be as good as these past 5 games have been? Can you imagine if Delmon starts hitting the way we thought he would? Can you imagine if the pitchers all stay healthy, and Boof! stays on top of his game? Can you imagine if both Joes keep playing like they have been? Oooh..I'm getting fired up just thinking about it!