Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Baseball fool

Two weeks.

Finally. In just two weeks the baseball season will officially begin. I can't wait.

I know I've been a bad baseball blogger. I know it doesn't show, but I have been keeping my eye on spring training...staying updated on how we're doing, learning more about the new players and getting a sense of this "new" team.

But I'm holding back my enthusiasm for the season opener.

And then I will be there. In the flesh.

I bought my tickets for the opening season at Twinsfest. They are sitting in the drawer where I stash my Twins tickets. I am dreaming about that first day. I'm psyched because I have that week off at work, so I can be a baseball fool full-time that week. I've thought about attending the breakfast on the plaza that first day, but I'm not sure I'll roll out of bed that early. I do think I'll make the Noon rally though.

Thinking about it, I can almost feel the excitement on the plaza before the game that night. I can hear myself screaming for my team as the players, new and old, are announced. No doubt, I will leave that game with little voice left. And I'll be back there the next night.

Ah, to be a fool for baseball again!

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Tricia said...

Baseball fool. That's a great description. A rally on the plaza at noon, huh? I'm off work on Opening Day too, by sheer good luck. I may have to show up for that! Less than two weeks 'till the season starts. Hooray!