Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fast Fun Facts from Twins Fest

  • Both Punto and Cuddy are joining the "New Daddy" club during the season; Cuddy will become a dad in June; I believe Punto is expecting his "little girl" earlier (Cuddy actually gave out the actual due date--you could tell both are quite excited about becoming dads).
  • Sorry ladies, it was confirmed by the man himself: Morneau proposed to his girlfriend "sometime in October or November" while they were in Hawaii; Mauer still remains eligible, but quickly changed the subject when asked about his dating scene.
  • There seemed to be a number of players getting sick with colds or stuff during Twins Fest; Liriano was sent home on Saturday and didn't make it on Sunday, Punto was also ill and Delmon Young was coughing all day Sunday
  • Delmon Young actually extended his stay in MN to participate in Twins Fest on Sunday; he did additional autograph signing and also sat down for a radio interview with KSTP today. He is not a fan of Minnesota's cold weather (maybe we should put together a MN care package for him!) Other players are raving about his potential and his openness to learn and become "part of the team"... hmm, let's hope he's the next great thing in baseball.
  • Koskie was sighted at Twins Fest on Saturday--but as a spectator. He lives out in Hamel, MN and hasn't signed with a team as of yet. Koskie is a class act and he didn't play last year due to a head injury (caused by being hit by a ball during the '06 season). Let's hope we see him in a uniform again.
  • Al Newman was present...with his own booth promoting his new fundraising ventures for nonprofits. He was very personable and willing to take time talking to the fans.
  • Former MN Viking Chuck Foreman was also present on Sunday signing some autographs. Um, did someone fail to mention this was a baseball event? (Although I did sight a number of folks walking around with Wild and Viking shirts Timberwolves though)

More pictures from Twins Fest will be coming soon!

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

I saw Koskie on Saturday and said Hi but didn't really realize who it was until I was past him. He was at that "Paint Your Own Bat" booth for kids. D'oh, I am not the best at recognizing athletes. Sure, give me a Starbucks barista and I can pick her out anywhere.