Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Santana wins shutout!

"I don't talk. I just let what I do talk for myself." - Johan Santana on (November 18, 2006)

I'm not ordinarily a fan of NL rules, but I have to admit it was fun seeing Santana hit a double last night. The guy likes to give it everything he's got--even when it comes to swinging the bat. I do believe if the play at 2nd had been close, he might have tried sliding into base. That I don't want to see--because I don't want our Ace to get hurt.

If you were watching the game till the end last night, you know that Twins announcer (and former player) Bert Blyleven threw down a little challenge to Santana before the game...Bert agreed to have his head shaved if Santana pitched a complete shutout game. Santana did just that.

So now Bert (who pitched something like 60 suutout games--I ask why is he not in the Hall of Fame?) will get his head shaved before tonight's game.

What can Bert shave if Santana does it again? Hell, make that any Twins pitcher.

Santana got the job done, but not in his usual manner. He had only 1 strikeout that came in the last inning. Santana went out there and pitched a great game. He kept his pitch count down (possibly because he wasn't going after the strikeouts). He got run support. HE GOT RUN SUPPORT! What a huge difference that makes.

I'll be watching the head shaving tonight.

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Baseball_Lipgloss said...

That was an awesome game. It was fun to watch and it looked like they had fun playing.