Sunday, March 21, 2010

Section 325, Row 8

I'll admit it--I was one of those Twins fans that talked last season about actually missing the Metrodome. I mean, there were never any issues with weather and I have a lot of fond memories from the Metrodome (um, remember that marriage proposal?) But all that changed today...

Today, Curveballs and myself attended the Open House for season ticket holders. Yup, we became season ticket holders for the first time. My Christmas present to the hubby was a 20-game pack to the 2010 season. 

I'm not talking the high-class seats. More like nose-bleed. Section 325, Row 8. Left Field....about as far over in left field as you can get. Honestly, I was worried about whether or not we would be happy with our seats. And I was especially afraid that I would be scared being up so high.

Well, the Open House got me all excited about baseball at Target Field. I don't think there is a bad seat in the house!  And I think we'll be quite happy with our seats!

Here's the view of the field from our seats--

I had a few moments of freaking out being so high, but then I soaked it all up. It feels o.k. It feels great. They call them "Skyline View" seats and here's why--

There is an awesome view of the Minneapolis skyline. And lots of sun--which today felt good. I will be investing in a hat and sunglasses! (We do have some protection from rain). Here's the view to the left and the Jumbotron (which is huge)--we watched today's preseason game for a bit (Twins trounced on the Rays 12-3).

We had a great time checking out the whole place...let me tell you, it's so different being in a stadium that was designed for baseball (not football!). 

I came home pumped up for baseball. I went over to my art studio for a few hours, came home & got on the computer to find out that--

Mauer signed!!!

That took my excitement to a whole other level...but that's a post for another day! 

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